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System Integrators vs the impact of Industrie 4.0

System integrators are aware that networked technology is changing the basis of what system integration is all about. The new revolution of Industrie 4.0 is moving toward different standard approaches for system integrators.

The Integrator needs a deep understanding and expertise in this technology to keep on the market. Hence, the ability to manage more complex projects will take them to lead the market. By doing this they will become automation solutions for the end user and machine builder manufacturers.

System integrator best automation solution

Most important the automation systems in this industry will move based on internet of things implementation and automation of the complete operations getting real-time data alerts to solve safety compliance problems or simply tracking your production system.

Potential customers are really looking at how we can turn data into value or monitor data. We hear more and more about Smart Factories, they are taking the steps to turn data acquisition and improving their plant operations and processes.

Scope for System Integrator

The scope of the integrated system will continue to grow toward more complex integration which includes also robotic automation. The integrator’s best interest is to drive the success of the clients by showing independence regardless of software or platform on Industrie 4.0.

Integrator focus on the client’s business needs according to optimisation especially the integration of automation and robotics.  Phoenix continues to focus on how we can meet the evolving needs of our customers by engaging with them on their specific needs. Read also Robotics Safety procedures or find more information on Industrial robotic arms.