Car manufacturing robots & Robotic Assembly lines

automotive robots are becoming a necessity because manufacturers need to optimise their robotic assembly lines and especially the car manufacturing sector.

Car Manufacturing Robots

The new emerging technologies are improving their robotic assembly lines in the automotive industry. Clearly, the presence of robotics in the manufacturing process is evolving.  Manufacturers need to keep updated with these new trends. Such as:

  • Collaborative Robotic, Human-robot working together
  • Robotic systems require continuous quality improvement and more sophisticated high tech
  • New markets for industrial robots will emerge

In fact, the car factory is well known for its intensive use of industrial robotic systems, the production lines need to be more flexible, efficient and precise, and many enhancements have been made to the production lines to help the workers in their daily tasks. However, we will discuss briefly the most common robots in the car manufacturing sector.

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Most Common Robots in the Car Manufacturing Sector

Robotic Welding

Every automobile requires a high number of welds. Industrial Robots can perform this task, and the savings can be of great value.

Spray Painting Robots

A vehicle’s paint needs to be evenly applied across a large area. The accuracy and consistency of industrial robots is the main feature of the painting process.

Milling Robots

Automotive robots provide a high level of uptime for greater efficiency. Milling Robots provide very accurate and precise performance.

Robotic Assembly Lines

For windshield installation or wheel mounting, industrial robots provide unprecedented performance with this application.

Robotic Material Removal

For cutting and trimming of plastics, die castings or polishing moulds, the repeatability of robots is a significant advantage for improving quality in material removal.

Dispensing Robots

Robotic dispensing allows for very controlled path following, allowing the laying down of beads of the product with great accuracy. Besides this, the robot can very accurately control the quantity of material dispensed via a direct interface.

Advantages of using Robots in Car Manufacturing

Automotive Robots
  1. The robotic system can dramatically improve your product quality with high precision and repeatability.
  2. Robotic automation can also increase production levels. Robots can work at a constant speed without taking breaks or vacations.
  3. The industrial robot system increase workplace safety, the workers are moved to the supervisory roles where they do not have to perform dangerous applications in hazardous settings.
  4. The industrial robots reduce costs (healthcare and insurance savings).
  5. The staff works alongside the robots in handling and assembly the applications in the automotive industry, and the robots are performing the monotonous and sometimes dangerous tasks that the humans do not enjoy.
Robotic Assembly Lines

Plastic Robot applications for Car Industry

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