robot simulation

The implementation of robot simulation for a proposed cell layout will help to visualise the concept. Robot simulation allows both the layout of a cell to be defined taking into account the reach capabilities of the robot and an analysis of the cycle time for the robot operations.

Benefits of Robot Simulation

Below are some main reasons for using simulation upfront when investing in robot automation:

  1. Maximise the return on investment by avoiding layout mistakes.
  2. Reduce costs and time by eliminating reach and singularity issues.
  3. Certify the process cycle times.
  4. Reduce the risk of the need to rework a layout at the commissioning stage.

In other words, an integrator can reassure the customer with a visual representation of the final cell including videos of the cell in operation. This will give confidence that they are investing in the best robotic solution for their application.

Why manufacturers need Robotic Simulation?

Manufacturers must confirm the feasibility of a project before implementing the robot automation on the factory floor.

The first step is to search for the right robot integrator.  Secondly, it will be necessary to provide all the project’s requirements to the chosen integrator and the third step will be to request a virtual simulation as part of the quoting and concept stages. Moreover, simulation ensures the robot system will meet the design cycle time, and it will prove that the design concept is correct.

Once the simulation is complete, the setup parameters, for example, the tool and base data can be download straight into the robot. Customised simulations ensure that the robot design meets the requirements laid down during the quoting stages.

Turnkey Industrial Robot Solutions

Phoenix offers a complete robot system solution for any robot application.  It is crucial to consult with your robot integrator regarding the industrial robot equipment for your particular proposed robot automation. Furthermore, they will guide you through the process, and they will also propose the best solutions for your company.

A robot integrator will assist in choosing the correct robot by first creating a robot simulation. This simulation will not only allow the choice of the correct robot but will also validate the ancillary equipment that is associated with it.

The right automated cell design can deliver a 60% reduction in the cost of many of their equivalent manual production processes while also improving margins and productivity.  Accordingly, we offer both complete turnkey automation solutions and configured solutions where a customer wishes to carry out some of the tasks themselves. Visit our Industrial robots products & services

It is important to take into account that a robot simulation can be employed to fit any robot manufacturing application.

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