The implementation of robot simulation will help to visualise the concept by simulating the process. Robot Simulation allows flexibility to the entire process and it enables the robot to perform different application, if required, by simulating the task on the computer before it goes into production.

Benefits of Robot Simulation

Some main reason to adopt simulation when investing in robot automation are:

  1. Maximise return on investment
  2. Reduce Costs and time
  3. Certify the process
  4. Reduce downtime
  5. Reduce automation’s risks

In others words, an integrator ensure to the customer, they are investing in the best robot integration systems for their applications.

Why manufacturers need Robotic Simulation?

By implementing robot automation, it is crucial that manufacturers must follow certain steps before anything is assembled on the factory floor.

First, search for good robot integrator.  Second, provide all project’s requirement to the integrator and third, request a virtual simulation during the quoting and concept stage. Moreover, simulation ensures the robot system will meet the cycle time and it will prove that the design is working properly.

Once the simulation is complete, it can be download onto the robot. Customise simulation ensure the robot design meets the requirements with the existing production line process and the equipment in place.

For instance, by selecting the correct equipment for the robot application to be carried out is always of prime importance when integrating a robot into a particular process.
Robot programming software
Robot Simulation

Turnkey Industrial Robot Solutions

Phoenix offer a complete robot systems solution for any robot application.  It is crucial to consult with your robot integrator about the industrial robot equipment for your robot automation. Furthermore, they will guide you on the process and they will suggest the best option for your company.

A robot integrator will assist to choose the right Industrial robot equipment from  Robot Simulation, High Speed Robot Spindles (with or without automatic tool changing), to Dust Extraction Systems, Coolant Systems, Turntables and High Speed Tooling accessories including all cables, and tool holders.

Likewise, Robot Simulation can fit any robot application, the most common are:

The right industrial robot equipment will deliver a 60% reduction in the cost of many of their manual production processes while improving margins and productivity.  Therefore, we offer a complete turnkey automation solutions. Visit our Industrial robots products & services

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