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Phoenix is a robot automation company and we currently carry out many robotic integration projects around the world each year ranging from single robot installations in small SMEs to multi-robot projects in car manufacturing.

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Phoenix has a range of system integration support services making up our portfolio with the ability to cater for all stages of any robotic integration project


Quoting & Design

This is the first step in the case of a new project and usually follows some form of management decision on the needs of the facility. 


Commissioning & Training

Throughout the stage of the commissioning and training, our engineers will be on hand to advise and coordinate all aspects of the installation.


After-Sales Support

For Phoenix, the project does not end once we have left the site. Our engineers are always available for ongoing robotic system integration support.

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Robots in manufacturing

robotic manufacturing

Robotic Manufacturing Technology

Robotic Manufacturing is helping a safer work environment and less physical for the staff. At the same time, it helps companies to keep competitive. However, productivity and competitiveness depend on the company’s ability to design and implement processes in which humans and robots work together.  For example, a new trend is collaborative robots, they are reducing chronic health issues related to repetitive jobs.

The manufacturing sector in the UK must consider seriously the adoption of automation including robotic to help improve the output in the UK.

Scope of Robot Applications

The rapid advances in robot software programming technologies incorporated with motion and new vision technologies are rapidly expanding the scope of the applications. Besides, these software developments are combined with improvements in hardware such as grippers and sensors by enabling manufacturing robots to work alongside humans rather than in a robot cell.  Keep updated with robotics.

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