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Welcome to Phoenix

We are committed to provide a world class robotic automation system and complete system integration solutions to prove our commitment to our customers.

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Robot Integrator Experts

Over 14 years of experience integrating robotic and delivering turnkey manufacturing solutions. Industrial robots are flexible and they can be reprogrammed or reused in different robot applications.

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Industrial Automation Systems

Phoenix is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Industrial Automation Systems for all kind of industries: Automotive, Food, Environmental, Aerospace, Marine, Robot Automation and others.

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Ongoing Customer Support

We offer ongoing robot integration support in the rare event of a breakdown due to normal wear and tear with our equipment. we can work side by side with our customers focusing on business solutions.

How much does a Single Robot Cost?

Robots are predictable and produce high-quality work, they offer peace-of-mind to the business’s owners.  But, there are concerns about robot costs.  See the answer to one of the most popular questions

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accredited contractor

Phoenix Control System is committed to providing a high-standards accreditation service to demonstrate our commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction.  Industrial robot integration solutions & complete automated systems.

Robotic Automation Company in the UK

We carry out turnkey solutions for Industrial Control Systems and Robotic Automation in high-regulated sectors.  We have the ability to solve your complex problems with simple solutions.

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Safe contractor REGULATION

Phoenix achieves quality through our commitment from project planning, designing, testing and implementing to training.

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Need Some Help Getting Started in Automation?

As an experienced system integrator, we have a deep understanding of the cost involved in robotic systems. We are helping companies to start in automation both here in the UK and abroad. We have the ability to manage projects of all sizes from multi-robot production cells within the car industry to a single small robot installs for SMEs. Contact Us for a Free System Integration consultation for your up and coming project, and we will provide you with detailed pricing along with our cell simulation allowing easy visualisation of the proposed solution.


  • Robotic Automation.
  • Control System Integration.
  • Software Design.
  • Standby Support Off/On-site.
  • Training Courses.
  • and more

How much do Industrial Robots Cost

Robot Integrator

Phoenix provides Industrial Automation Services all the way from initial design and consultation to manufacture and installation, along with bespoke in-house software programming, commissioning, training, and technical support. For companies who are concerned about how much a robot based cell will cost, we can help to get the very best value out of your investment for your robotic system.

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Control System Integrator

We provide system integration from the initial phases of the project all the way through to the completion and in many cases beyond with our After Sales support. In essence, our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

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Key Strengths

We are a system integrator with a proven track record possessing all the skills to work alongside your team to bring your automation project to a successful realisation. As an experienced integrator, we provide input throughout the entire project lifecycle, including engineering expertise, design and integration skills. These are all core attributes within Phoenix.

Our Strenghts

  • Constant technical support from our expert
  • Worldwide experience
  • Complete robot cell turnkey solutions
  • Experienced engineers in all sectors
  • Complete industrial control systems
  • Fast return on investment

Let’s our customers do the talking

Industrial Automation UK Latest News

Robot Integrator should understand the importance to keep updated with the latest technology and new trends to help customers to get the best out of their Robotic Automation Systems

Robotic automation companies are helping manufacturing to keep competitive

Robotic automation companies are changing the way manufacturing works and improving productivity. Also, they enable companies to become more competitive. Nowadays, the adoption of robots is at the forefront around the world because the manufacturer acknowledges the role that robots have to play within all industries.

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robotic automation companies
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Robotic Automation Statistics

Robotic Automation companies in the UK are aware of the low density in the take up of robotics in comparison with other countries.  However, more and more SMEs are automating, which is an indication of trust in the technology but to gain complete trust government needs to support and encourage the investment in robotic automation systems and to continue researching robotics to incentive companies to update their systems.

Industrial Automation Investment and Training

Other areas of uncertainty concerning automation are the investment and training needed for more qualified staff to take the company through the first steps of the adoption of robotics.  Unfortunately, not all companies include training for their teams.  We consider that robot training is essential in the decision process for whether manufacturers adopt robotic automation or not.

Misconceptions with regards to Robots

One common stumbling block is that there is a misconception that robots are taking over jobs from people. However, employees need to understand that learning new skills in a robotic system opens the door to new job opportunities.  It is evident that there is a need for quality professional and talented engineers to fill the gap of a deficit in robotic expertise.

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