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We are committed to provide a world class industrial robot automation and complete system integration solutions to prove our commitment to our customers.

Over 14 years of experience integrating robotic and delivering turnkey manufacturing solutions. Industrial robots can be reprogrammed or reused in different robot applications due to their flexibility and versatility.

Phoenix are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Industrial Automation Systems for all kind of industries: Automotive, Food, Environmental, Aerospace, Marine, Robot Automation and others.

We offer ongoing robot integration support in the rare event of a breakdown due to normal wear and tear with our equipment. we can work side by side with our customers focusing on business solutions.


Phoenix achieve quality through our commitment from project planning, designing, testing and implementing to training.

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Phoenix Control System is committed to providing a high-standards accreditation service to demonstrate our commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction.  Industrial robot integration solutions & complete automated systems.

We carry out turnkey solutions for Industrial Control Systems and Robotic Automation in high-regulated sectors.  We have the ability to solve your complex problems with simple solutions.

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Helping manufacturers to understand about robotic Systems. Simply ask us the questions or take a look at our FAQ Robotic Systems.
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Need Some Help Getting Started in Automation?

A system integrators that gain deep understanding and develop the ability to manage complex projects with a broad of suppliers will create differentiation. Free system integration consultation, let’s us know your project details.

  • Robotic Automation
  • Control System Integration
  • Software Design
  • Standby Support Off/On-site
  • Training Product
  • and more

How much do Industrial Robots Cost

Robot Integrator

Phoenix provide Industrial Automation Services from initial design and consultation to manufacture, bespoke in-house software programming, integration, training, and technical support.

FAQ robotic systems

Control System Integrator

We provide system integration from initial design and consultation to manufacture throughout the entirely project. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

Robotic Automation companies

Key Strengths

A system integrator that possesses multiple skills and can work side by side with your team focusing on business solutions is an attribute of a successful integrator. In fact, an integrator provide input through the entire project lifecycle including engineering, integration and design is a core attribute within Phoenix.

  • Constant technical support from our expert
  • Worldwide experience
  • Complete Robotic Automation System Solutions 
  • Reduced costs while improve margins
  • Complete Industrial Control Systems
  • Fast Return on Investment

Our Testimonials

Thanks to Phoenix that I have a robotic milling operation today. I would like to share with people from my experience working with Phoenix is, besides being professional that truly cares, their ability to understand what the clients truly need and provide them with optimal robot automation solutions tailored exactly to their needs. Their large experience in the field allows to design a robust robotic system from day one.

Konstantinos Papalexiou / Neoset Designs / Brooklyn, USA

Recently we have got a very big project from one of my partner company. I would never have completed the work on time without the help of Phoenix Control Systems Limited. With their large knowledge of robotic automation and their efficiency we increased our production. I would like to recommend Phoenix Control Systems Limited to every one who is looking for quality work. The experience working with them is priceless.

Carlos Avalos S. / Director, Air Design S.A. de C.V. / México

I was introduced to Phoenix through our robot supplier. Being our first robot we were relying on the advice of a good reliable robot integrator who could help us along the way. With Phoenix on the team we honestly could not have asked for a more. Throughout the whole build, Phoenix really kept our best interest in mind and guided us to acquire the most suitable and cost-effective robotic system for us.

Steve De Micoli / Architect DeMicoli & Associates / Malta

Industrial Automation UK Latest News

Robot Integrator should understand the importance to keep updated with technology and new trends to help customers to get the best of Robotic Automation Systems

Robotic automation companies are helping manufacturer to keep competitive

Robotic automation companies are changing the way manufacturing works and improves productivity. Also, they are enable companies to become more competitive. Nowadays, automation is leading around the world because the manufacturer acknowledges the role of robots in all industries.

Therefore, robotic automation systems are enabling new business models for new products and help companies improve efficiency and flexibility by delivering products fast and on time.

Also, some SME companies are automating which is an indication of trust but to gain complete trust government need to support and encourage the investment in robotic automation systems.

Robotic Automation Companies UK

Robotic Automation companies in the UK are aware of the low density in robotics in comparing with Asia or other countries in the EU.  However, leaving the EU may contribute to the UK’s slow adoption of robotic automation. In fact, it is evident though that companies are awaiting the outcome of the Brexit and the following years to come.

United Kingdom is ranking 22nd in robot density in the world average according to IFR International Federation of Robotics. As a result, UK’s manufacturers are highly in need of investment to adopt robotic automation system in their production plant. In addition, it is hard for small businesses, to get help and advice on how to start on automation.

In summary, government support is essential for SMEs companies to start in automation. Also, it is imperative to continue researching robotics to incentive companies to update their systems.

Industrial Automation Investment and Training

robotic automation companies

Other areas of uncertainties concerning automation is the investment and training for more qualify staff for preparing them for the adoption of robotic automation. For example, some robotic automation companies suggest the manufacturer a basic or advance robotic training or robot programming when they are doing installation of the robot. Despite the fact, it is offered not all companies include the training to the staff.  Therefore, we consider robot training is essential whether manufacturing adopt or not the automation.

However, there is a misconception about robots taking over the jobs. Employees need to understand that learning new skills in robotic automation system open the door to new job opportunities.

Industrial Robot Misconception

robotic automation system

According to International Federation of Robotics (IFR) on the article Robots and the Workplace of the Future Positioning, said: Each time a new wave of automation technologies is rolled out, there are fears that swathes of professions will become extinct with employees unable to find alternative work. In some cases, professions have indeed become extinct. In other cases, job profiles adapt – the skills of switchboard operators and typists were absorbed into the personal assistant profile, for example. In other cases, automation replaced specific tasks but created greater demand for the job profile.

However, there is a need for quality professional or talented engineers to fulfil the gap of robotic and those companies that are thinking to automate their production.

How Much Do Industrial Robot Cost?

Robots are predictable and produce high-quality work, they offer peace-of-mind to business’s owner.  But, there are concerns about robot cost and the question that always people ask is How much do Industrial Robots cost?

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