Robotic system integration, Programmable logic controller (PLC), and all kinds of automation have made their way into industrial applications

Selecting a control system platform is often a long-term investment adding overhead such as training and support.  Still, the integration and connectivity technology is transforming the development of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), HMI software capabilities, and programmable automation controllers (PACs). Control system continue evolving to more integrated intelligent networks indicating how to invest for the future.

automation of production systems

Full Turnkey Project

Robotic system integration or a full turnkey project, Phoenix provides a complete range of control system engineering services.
We can deliver the complete control system solution from design and manufacture through to installation and commissioning.
Alternatively, we can offer our engineering expertise to complement your existing team.

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Control Panel Builder

  • Parts Acquisition Panel Manufacture
  • Panel Testing and Certification Delivery
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Control Panel and Enclosure Layouts
  • Component Selection and Parts Lists
  • Cable Overviews and Schedules
  • Design Risk Assessments
  • Functional Design Specifications
  • Electrical Installation

Software Design

  • PLC Software Visualization Software (HMI/SCADA)
  • Networks Database Design & Configurations
  • Bespoke Software &  Certification Functionality
  • Electrical Testing NICEIC
  • Performance Tests Process
  • Commissioning Customer Acceptance
  • Documentation Customer Support
  • Standby Support Off/On-site & Training Product

Manufacturing Industrial Robots

Top Advantages of Automated Robots

  • The robotic system integration can dramatically improve your product quality with high precision and repeatability.
  • Robotic automation can also increase production levels. Robots can work at a constant speed without taking breaks or vacations.
  • The industrial robot system increase workplace safety, the workers are moved to the supervisory roles where they do not have to perform dangerous applications in hazardous settings.
  • The industrial robots reduce costs (healthcare and insurance savings)
  • The staff works alongside the robots in handling and assembly the applications in the automotive industry, and the robots are performing the monotonous and sometimes dangerous tasks that humans do not enjoy.

We provide robotic system integration solutions for all automated manufacturing processes.  Click for more news.

Five Top Car Manufacturing Robots

Some of the most common car manufacturing robot applications, for example:

  1. Painting Robot
  2. Robot welding systems
  3. Robot Assembly
  4. Material removal Robots
  5. Milling robots

As a robot integrator with a global client base, we understand the importance of the quick return on investment and cost-saving. For more click here.

Robotic place an important role in the aerospace industry.  Therefore, we can say the aerospace manufacturing process are using industrial robots in applications that did not consider many years ago. Besides, aerospace robots are performing complicated tasks to increase the levels of production. For example, we can say that new robot applications are emerging since this industry continues to demand a high level of productivity when a manufacturer builds a new aircraft.

Click here to know the robot applications in this industry.

Plastic Industry is integrating robots in their automated operations to keep competitive in today’s market. Industrial plastics products are more elaborated and sophisticated than before. Besides, the manufacturer is seeking to increase cycle time and reduce waste materials. Therefore, Phoenix can provide simple or complex automation solutions primarily designed for the plastics industry.

Click here to know the most common robot application for Plastic Industry

Applications for Medical devices

  • Industrial robots are integrating into production facilities with wet-chemical surface treatment processes.
  • Robots can perform all precisely controlled applications for Injection moulding for medical devices.
  • Outstanding accuracy, are ideal for high-precision machining for polishing of orthopaedic implants
  • Robots form the core of the system for fully automatic detection and manipulation of organically shaped denture teeth due to their high precision

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Industrial robots help human from climate change effects

Environment sector can benefit using industrial robots, robots are well known for their accuracy, consistent and effectiveness as well as protect the human being from dangerous jobs.

  • Robot protects the ecosystem.
  • Robots explore the deep oceans; helping researchers study how climate change affects biodiversity.
  • Gather information about hurricanes, surface air temperature, pressure, wind chill, wind speed and direction and ocean temperature.
  • Industrial Robot helps to dismantle the nuclear plant.

Therefore, it is essential you contact a reliable system integrator, they can help you to choose the right system for your application.

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The benefit of  Robot Systems for the Film Industry

  • Robots will reproduce with high accuracy movement.
  • Easy and precise translation from VFX output or Pre-Vis to the sought after effect or move.
  • The reset time for a move is in the order of seconds, saving valuable camera time.
  • Robots offer for more dramatic and complicated moves.

Stunts and effects 

In reality, the search for more and more exciting and ambitious stunts and effects means that we will see even more significant numbers of robots employed in an ever-broadening and imaginative range within the entertainment industry.

Besides, we find film industry robots equipped with cameras, set pieces, and innovative end effectors for entertainment both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Therefore, we provide complete robotic system integration solutions, contact us for your next project.

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Robot Cell Design

We integrate and install complete robot automation packages solutions from initial design and consultation to manufacturing whether you decide to install a complete new robot cell or second-hand robot.Call Us Now! at 01235 823120

Robot Applications

Quick Return on Investment

The industrial robot shows a considerable impact on cost savings over manual labour during the lifetime of a project. Although small and medium-sized companies are sceptical about the use of robots in their process, large manufacturers are already taking advantage of and reducing their waste and costs.

Therefore as a robot integrator, we are helping robotics users on how to calculate the value of the robotic investment.  Also, check out How much do industrial robot cost to get a rough idea of how robots are helping industries like yours.

Robotic Milling performs precise cuts and movements for a better quality product. Therefore, milling robot cell brings a high level of flexibility and accuracy because industrial robots can produce high-quality, complex and exceptional geometric parts. Besides, they are able to mill any object of any size or shape within its envelope by just adjusting the robot offline programming and end-of-arm-tooling.

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Robotic welding helps companies gain a competitive advantage over those companies that have not made the transition to welding automation. In fact, robot welding is becoming increasingly attractive for job shops. Also, welders can oversee the productivity of more than one robotic welder at a time.

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Robotic cutting is a robot application for removing any materials to a specific size and shape. Therefore, cutting robots are very precise, accurate, reduce waste materials and they can increase production speed while improving the quality of a cut. Some of the materials handled by industrial robots are, for example, fibreglass, composite materials, metal, wood and more.

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Material handling robots eliminate the need for manual labour to perform different tasks, for example, moving, sorting, optimising among others. Furthermore, robots are very useful for material handling solutions and they can assist in improving business process efficiency at low operational cost.  For more click here.

Assembly robots are well known for their speed, flexibility and accuracy. Robots perform tasks in very demanding sectors such as the car industry in their production line or health industry in the medical device assembly tasks. Robots are very precise to assembly huge parts or small parts, there is no limit on the size of the part, and they execute the task over and over with a minimum or no mistakes.

Our vast expertise in robotic engineering can provide the right solution for your project.  Contact Us.

Palletising means loading & unloading parts.  Also, palletising involves putting heavy products or items onto a machine. Therefore, the palletising application can be a dangerous work environment. for the staff. Therefore, you can protect workers from injury while increasing your part cycle time by using industrial robots to automate your process.

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Robotic dispensing provides the flexibility and reaches that is often necessary when dispensing, whether you need to lift a huge vat or dispense small objects, there’s a robot model that can handle it. Additionally, dispensing jobs require materials to be moved from one location to another. Therefore, industrial robots perform consistent and accurate movements making them well-suited for dispensing. Also, the manufacturer can save time and costs.

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