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Robotics Safety Procedures

Robotics Safety  – According to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) report, there are about 5,000 injuries every year from welding work. More and more robots are making it safer by performing some of these dangerous tasks.
However, robotics safety needs to be improved because many accidents actually happen during the robot programming, robot maintenance and testing phases or when the staff interacts directly with the robot.
Standard safety procedures for robotics operations: Perimeter guarding or robot cell, operation locks, laser scanners, Safety mats and safety light curtains. It is important that the systems integrator knows all safety procedures and requirements, it leads to the following question:

Why choose a good Robotic system integrator?

1. The first thing an integrator should do is to set up a meeting to establish the company’s needs and objectives
2. They look at the customer’s current process, focusing on cost reductions and production requirements
3. They make sure that the robotic systems have been thoroughly tested to avoid future problems.
3. An Robotic Integrator will help you to get the best quality robotic automation
4. Project management of all the stages from design to commissioning.
5. An Integrator provides high-quality documentation
6. Project delivery on time.
Consult with a Robotic System Integrator that understands all aspects of the robotics safety issues and has expertise in robotic systems.

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