Robotic System Integration

We design Robotic Systems Integration Solutions for outstanding manufacturing performance. We are ABB, FANUC, and KUKA robotics system integrator

What is robotic system integration?

Robot system integration is the process of integrating and programming an industrial robot to perform manufacturing operations.  A robot integration company evaluates your current robotic system and provides automation solutions to improve production. See our projects below.

Services We Provide To Our Clients

Customising robotic cell Desing Based on your needs is Our strength.

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We guide you through the automation process. However, we can carry out a complete robotic system integration or if you prefer to carry out some of the work to reduce cost.  Then, we will supervise the in-house work for you. Besides this, our experience within a vast range of different industries will provide a team of expert integrators for your company.


robotic automation company


We provide robotic systems solutions from the initial phases of the project all the way through to completion.

robotic automation company


We are helping companies to start automation both here in the UK and abroad.

robotic automation company


Robotic training courses on the major robot manufacturers such as KUKA, ABB, FANUC, and Yaskawa.

robotic automation company


We provide detailed pricing along with our cell simulation allowing easy visualisation of the proposed solution.

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Our engineers have expertise in robotic programming and control system programming.

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Phoenix can Design, Manufacture and Install electrical panels from single to full custom integrated systems.

Robotic Integrator

We integrate and install complete robot automation package solutions from initial design and consultation through to commissioning and production whether you decide to install a cell using new robots or reconditioned robots. We provide robot integration from any robot manufacturer of your preference. For example, FANUC, ABB, and KUKA just to mention a few.

What We Do

First Step - Consultation of the Robotic Automation Project

Robotic cells maximise your automation process. Whether you need a New Industrial Robot or a Refurbished Robot. We help you to choose the right robot saving time and cost.

Manufacturers must confirm the feasibility of a project before implementing the integration on the factory floor. Thus, our cell simulation allows easy visualisation of the proposed solution.

Second Step - As a Robotic Integrator, we help you with

As experienced system integrators, we have a deep understanding of the cost involved in robotic systems. We are helping companies to start automation.


Third Step - Testing & Robotic System Integration

As experienced system integrators, we have a deep understanding of the cost involved in robotic systems. We are helping companies to start automation.


Serving in the Industry

Robotic Integration across UK

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Global systems integrator

Industries Manufacturing Automation globally

what we do
Specialising In
palletiser gripper
Palletising Robots

Palletising robots build up layers of products for shipment usually onto pallets. When the pallet is full the operator will remove the completed pallet.

Painting robots
Spray Painting Robots

We tend to think of the automotive industry when we consider the use of painting robots. Today, we are seeing a new interest in paint robots for smaller applications.

Milling Robots

Milling cell brings a high level of flexibility and accuracy because industrial robots can produce high-quality, complex and exceptional geometric parts.

robotic arms for manufacturing
Robotic Assembly Lines

Industrial robots are very useful in automated assembly line operations, improving process efficiency at low operational costs and saving costs.

Robotic welding
Robotic welding

Robotic welding systems help companies gain a competitive advantage over those companies that have not made the transition to welding automation.

robotic systems integrator
Trimming & Cutting Robots

Robotic cutting and trimming robot application is the process to remove any material to follow a predetermined path.

Robotic In manufacuting future together

We are a KUKA robotics system integrator serving all sectors and all kinds of manufacturing processes. For more click our latest news. 

Top 5 Advantages of Manufacturing Robots

  1. Automated robots can dramatically improve your product quality with high consistency and repeatability and increase production.
  2. Robot Arms can work 24hr/day without taking breaks or vacations.
  3. Robotic systems increase workplace safety. Thus, workers can perform supervisory roles instead of dangerous tasks.
  4. Industrial robots reduce costs (healthcare and insurance savings)
  5. Robots take over the monotonous and tiring repetitive jobs that humans do not enjoy.

An effective Robotic Cell is our motto

There are now very few manufacturing companies that aren’t touched in some aspect by automation from the large car manufacturers to SMEs. Likewise,  all are looking to develop and improve their competitiveness with increases in production and in quality.  Also, reductions in waste, cycle times, and rejected parts. Why not try out our ROI robotic tool below or Contact Us directly?

Robotic ROI

Employing an industrial robot can have a big impact on cost savings over manual labour over the lifetime of a project. Although sometimes small and medium-sized companies are sceptical about the use of robotics in their processes, large manufacturers are already taking advantage of this technology and reducing their waste and costs.

Therefore as a KUKA robotics system integrator, we are helping robotics users with the calculation of the value of the robotic investment. So, why not check out How much do industrial robots cost?  Moreover, you can get a look into how robots could be helping industries like yours.  Are you searching for ABB robotics or FANUC robots?  Please contact us to help you with the integration as well as to find the right robot for your manufacturing application.

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