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Stunning Robotic Arm Light Sculpture

There is no limit for Industrial Robot Automation, and there are companies as Marshmallow Laser  (MLF), based in London, is one of the leading virtual reality creators today. They launched a stunning art piece using light and a robotic arm to create a permanent installation in Cognac, France.

“The Quest”

In other words, MLF worked for several months on “The Quest”, a robotic light sculpture made with thousands of shards with each one projecting precise abstract forms symbolising the 7th Generation of a well-known Cognac. We would share with you how the company succeed in this challenge but a fantastic project.

Steps to create a robotic arm masterpiece

It was necessary to find a robot integrator to carry out the integration of the robotic arm in one of the most prestigious locations in Hennessey, the cellar where you can find the best Hennessy reserves back from the 19th and 20th centuries.

It was crucial to integrate lights, sculptures, robots, music, effects to work as one unique art, but in a harmonious way. However, it was not an easy task but not impossible. It also required programming the robot to do the movement.

Robot Programming

Also, it was necessary precise robot programming for this project, and robot software combines and synchronises the movements of the robot with the control of the light source to reflect light rays through the shards on the wall. It was a piece of indescribable beauty and extreme precision.

We are immensely proud to be part of this project. Robot automation was a key factor.

Robot Automation Industry

Robotics are now in the Entertainment industry there is no specific limit to what robots can achieve in this industry.  Also, industrial robots are now in Theatre, Music shows, Television, films, and any other shows. Consult with your robot integrator next time you want to carry out your events or concerts. Therefore, there are three key elements: your imagination, an industrial robot, a robot integrator, and a great team.

Entertainment Industry

Robot Integration

Phoenix Control Systems Ltd conducted the robot automation of the complete cell, including the control panel and the commissioning of the robot. We are proud of the experts that were instrumental in bringing this stunning project to fruition.

Our congratulations to our customer, Marshmallow Laser Feast, for their success. Also, our best wishes to the next generation of Hennessy in their new challenge. The robot arm is now part of the cellar as a testimony to the 7th master blenders for future generations

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