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We are proud to provide a wide range of expertise on robotic automation solutions and used industrial robots at an affordable price.  Therefore, if you’re looking for a trusted UK manufacturer you have found the right company.  Phoenix offers extensive experience in used robot integration.

Main Robot choice considerations

There are two primary considerations when selecting robots for industrial automation:

  • The robot payload, which is the maximum mass that the robot can handle.  (Note it is important to take into account also the centre of gravity of the payload)
  • The working envelope, which is the working or reach area of the robot.

In order to find an affordable reconditioned robot solution, you first need to find a robot integrator that fully understands all aspects of robot integration.  Once you have then met with them to explain your requirements.  Following this, they will propose the right automation solutions for your company. They will ensure that you source the correct certified reconditioned robot for your project.

Used Industrial Robots Key Elements

Our experience as an integrator shows that new robotic users don’t always have the knowledge on how to start out in automation. Therefore, as a guide, we have laid out a few pointers showing the basic elements to consider when looking for a reconditioned robot.

  • The robot generation, older generation robots will be less expensive but a more recent generation of the robot will have more useful features.
  • Hours of operation for a robot are not necessarily an indication of the robot wear and tear as a high hours robot may have been well maintained and a low hours robot not.
  • Gearboxes and internal wiring harnesses are typically the most expensive components that fail on a robot. Therefore, they are also time-consuming to replace. Check this with the supplier before you proceed to buy.
  • The end of arm tooling, whether they are new or second-hand, they do not generally come complete with the end of arm tooling as this is specific to the use that the robot is going to be put to.

We can provide assistance and help you to find suitable tooling to suit your specific application.

Industrial Robot Installation

Phoenix integrates and installs complete industrial robots cells whether it is the case of robotic integration featuring new or reconditioned robots.  We offer solutions for all kind of robotic applications such as  MillingCutting, Painting,  WeldingMaterial HandlingPalletisingAssembly and many more.

We have developed a new robotic selection tool to help companies, who are looking to start out in automation. This allows the client to see how their automation requirements could be analysed relative to sample return on investment calculations.

Try out our Robot ROI Calculator tool.  Whether you want to install a robotic system using new or reconditioned industrial robots, this robotic ROI calculator can help you to have a very good idea of the elements involved in the automation of various different applications and the impact on your investment.

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