Robotic Assembly can increase production speed and consistency, also the tooling at the end of the robot can be customised to cater to the manufacturing requirements and can be used for all applications in any sector.

Robot Assembly solutions eliminate the need for manual labour to perform different tasks such as moving and sorting among others. Therefore, Industrial robots are very useful in an automated process and can assist in improving business process efficiency at low operational cost

Robots have saved workers from tedious and dull assembly line jobs while increasing production and savings in the process.

The robot integrators’ goal is to provide a turnkey automation with a focus on improving quality, efficiency, and safety of the process. Amongst other tasks Integrators are responsible for the coordination, planning and logistics.

For this reason, experienced and qualified robot integrators stick to the industry best practices involved with robotics systems and they always keep updated to take advantage of the latest technology in order to make robot systems integration more reliable and efficient.

Phoenix, integrates and installs complete Robotic Assembly solutions from initial design and consultation to manufacture, bespoke in-house software programming, installation, commissioning, training, and technical support.

Robotic Assembly
Robot Assembly Project

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