Robot Software for Kuka

The goal of this robot software KUKA|prc is making industrial robots accessible to the creative industry. This software builds upon the accessible visual programming system Grasshopper, which is a part of the CAD software Rhinoceros 3D.

Advantages of Simulation Program:

  • Reduces downtime, the robot is stop only when the new program is being downloaded and tested.
  • User can use different approaches and the most convenience to program the robot.
  • The robot can use new features of 3D CAD not available on others methods.
Robot software

Robot Programming Software

Software is the set of coded commands or instructions that tells a Robot what tasks to perform. First of all, every robot manufacturer had been developed their own programming software, but it seems industrial robots have a step back for the lack of collaboration between the manufacturers, fortunate there are enough similarities between the different robots that it is possible to gain a good understanding of robot programming without having to learn software from scratch.

Second, many software intends to make programming robots easier. Hence, you need to learn a new software each time you start using a new robot, some examples of the programming are: Kuka has KRL (Kuka Robot), ABB has RAPID, Fanuc uses Karel, Comau uses PDL2, Yaskawa uses INFORM, Stäubli uses VAL3, and Universal Robots use URScript.

Finally, the lack of standardisation of programming methods for robots does pose certain challenges for the robotic integrator.

Phoenix has vast experience on robot programming and robot training, we can guide you during the complete process to deliver the best automation solutions for your business. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Consultants to discuss your project or to arrange a meeting at your premises.

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