plastic industry

The plastic Industry in the UK plays an important role in all industries including, packaging, automotive, medical, aerospace and even construction. Industrial Robot meets the requirements for this industry, they are stable, accurate, high-quality parts at relatively faster speeds. See some of the robot applications below:

Plastic Robot applications:

  • Coating & Fabrication
  • Extrusion
  • Glueing/sealing
  • Painting
  • Assembly
  • Thermoforming
  • Packaging

The market is moving forward, impressive advancements in plastics and rubber technology have created new profit opportunities for manufacturers. Plastics are increasingly providing more solutions than any other material. However, it is the ability to incorporate additional tasks that make it more attractive.

New robot automation trend for Plastic Industry:

  • Multi-shot molding
  • High-speed demolding
  • In-mold decoration
  • In-mold labelling

All of these applications can be fully integrated with robotic systems.  The industrial robot arm will directly load the part moulded and trimmed.  Plastic industry brings new opportunities and it will continue growing in the future economy, due that the plastic products are light weight, versatility, design freedom, suitability for large scale production and recyclability, as a results make easy for the robot to work.

The industrial robot provides an extremely large work envelope within a small footprint. Hence, the robot can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted and they can be adapted to the existing system integration.

Phoenix will design and build the most efficient robotics systems to provide a complete automation solution that includes the robot, end-of-arm tooling, fixtures, control systems and safety equipment for the plastic automation process.

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