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Pharmaceutical industry is using from industrial robots with its need for control, speed, verification, repeatability, and consistency.  For Instance, robots are at the forefront of automation in this demanding industry.

The most common industrial robots in pharmaceutical manufacturing for automation are:

  • Cartesian Robots – This robot is for specific tasks or workstations or specific task on the automation subsystems.
  • SCARA Robots – Four axis robots are mainly  for high-speed pick and place.
  • Articulated Robots – Six-axis robots simulate a human arm and hand, they are well-known for its flexibility of movement.

Cleanrooms are used in basically in every industry where small particles can affect the manufacturing process. However, cleanrooms are used extensively in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device and life sciences, it is also used in others industries as aerospace, Department of Energy and military. A cleanroom has a level of contamination that is classified by the number of particles per cubic meter.

Also, this type of contamination can degrade product performance in the pharmaceutical industries and it can cause cross-infection between medical staff and patients in the healthcare industry. Therefore, the robot is built to fulfill a clean room standard in the Pharmaceutical Industry and it is an automation solution for the industry.

Applications for Medical devices:

  • Robots can integrate into production facilities with wet-chemical surface treatment processes.
  • Robots can perform all precisely controlled applications for Injection molding for medical devices
  • On testing inhalers, robots can handling the parts  performed
  • Robots with outstanding accuracy, are ideal for high-precision machining for polishing of orthopedic implants
  • Robots form the core of the system for fully automatic detection and manipulation of organically shaped denture teeth due to their high precision

Today, industrial robots work alongside with human, it is a basic need on this industry.

pick and place robot
pharmaceutical robot

Application for Pharmaceuticals:

  • Single cell-line production, guarantees a high product consistency day to day, batch to batch.
  • Cell layout bring flexibility facilitating the automatic inspection of small batches of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Flexibility to the handling, filling and closing processes
  • Demonstrate their cleanroom performance in a production line for the automatic filling and packing of parenteral bags.
  • Robot already complies with the ISO 5 cleanroom classification standard (has at most 105 = 100,000 particles per m³) and is therefore perfect for use at the filling of infusion bags.
  • Work permanently in aseptic production areas such drug manufacturing
  • Flexibility and high-performance filling and closing machine for small batches.
  • Protecting the ecosystem from pollution and global warming
  • Gather information about hurricanes, surface air temperature, pressure, wind chill, , wind speed and direction and ocean temperature.
  • Dismantle nuclear plant

Applications for Laboratories work:

  • The robots are fast, but at the same time work meticulously.
  • Handle microplate in analytical research and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories.
  • Industrial robots can test possible cures for diseases, specifically for children

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