robotic palletising

Palletising robots refers to loading and unloading parts, boxes or other items to or from pallets. Industrial robots can handle heavy payloads and have large horizontal and vertical reaches.

Loading & unloading involves putting heavy products or items onto a machine. Therefore, this robot application can sometimes be a dangerous work environment. By using industrial robots to automate your process, you can protect workers from injury while increasing your part cycle time.

Quick Return on Investment

Industrial robots market continues to grow, now is the perfect time for small and mid-sized companies that have been waiting for a decline in prices to automate their process.  A system integrator can help you to choose the right robot and equipment, they can provide with valuable feedback about the cost when you decide to invest in robot automation.  Therefore, the following tool help you to determine the value of your investment  ROI Robot Systems Calculator Tool

Manufacturer benefits from Palletising Robots due to the fast return on investment and keep production without interruption.

Robots work efficiently, tirelessly, and accurately and they do not need breaks, days off or vacations. In fact, industrial robots, run for 24 hours a day. Instead of workers having to load and unload parts this tedious task, robot handles the loading application effectively.

Consult a Robot Integrator

Affordable robots mean more manufacturers will begin using them for more applications. If you’re are hesitating about investing in an industrial robot, you may want to consult with a robot integrator. Why? Because a robot integrator understands how to maximise your return an investment, design a customised robot palletising process and select the right tooling.

Palletising Solutions

Phoenix, integrates and installs complete robotic palletising solutions from initial design and consultation to manufacturing, as well as providing robot trainingrobot programmingrobot simulation, commissioning, and technical support.  Whether you decide to install a complete palletising robot cell, new robot or refurbished robot.

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