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Industrial automation solutions involves fluent communication because involve many contractors and each contractor has their own area of expertise. For example some area of expertise found on system integration project are: systems integrator, general contractor, mechanical contractor and electrical contractor. Therefore, managing a project is not always straightforward, especially when not only involves different disciplines.

The project manager is not only responsible to ensure the project is properly executed to meet customer’s goals, but also involve continual communication, monitoring, and adjustment during the entire project.

Some Management’s Project Issues

However, the project leader has the responsibility to ensure the following:

  • Communication is open and fluent
  • All team players have a high-quality staff to meet the project demand
  • Strict follow of the fix schedule to complete the project on time
  • Follow the high standards regulations

Above all, the project manager must have expertise on this kind of projects.

High standard Industrial Automation Solutions

We provide project management services to clients worldwide and we deliver value for money by providing the highest standards, our offer includes:

  • We will assign Project Manager to each project to ensure a clear line of communication from design through to commissioning.
  • Our Project Manager will check all information prior to commencement of manufacture and will produce the functional design specification (FDS) as the technical document used to lead the following design stages.
  • The Project Manager will ensure that every element of the project is undertaken on time during the installation.

Why Choose Us?

We design, manufacture and install industrial control systems, control panels and  robot systems in all sectors including the automotive industry, plastic industry, food industry, aerospace industry and others. Our project manager will ensure your project meet the deadline.

In Addition, Phoenix will continue to provide customer and technical support after the commissioning period.

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