Entertainment Industry market – There is no limit to the many new niche markets for robotics such as architecture, design, music and arts. More and more studios and entertainment companies are using robots.

A cross section of entertainment based companies including Robomoco for the film industry carrying out special effects and camera work, Blue Man Group for stage shows around the world, the Disney Epcot Center for robot based rides and Coca-Cola among others. The majority of film goers are unaware of the stunts and effects carried out by robots in the quest for ever increasing dramatic scenes in movies.

Some robotic special effects projects

  • “Closed Circuit” Taxi crash stunt
  • “Libertador” Throwing a soldier over a horse
  • “Anna Karenina” Model train filming, Horse coming off the stage stunt, and general manipulation of the theatre set pieces
  • “Sherlock Holmes – Game of Shadows” Train stunt and fight scene following down the water fall

The entertainment aspect is particularly interesting in robotic because:

  • Robots will reproduce with high accuracy movement
  • Easy and precise translation from VFX output or Pre-Vis to the sought after effect or move
  • The reset time for a move is in the order of seconds saving valuable camera time.
  • Thrill rides offer for more dramatic and complicated moves

Stunts and effects

The search for more and more exciting and ambitious stunts and effects means that we will be seeing ever greater numbers of robots employed in an ever broadening and imaginative range within the entertainment industry.

Today, we find robots equipped with cameras, set pieces, and innovative end effectors for entertainment both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

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Entertainment Industry

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