Electrical Control system
Industrial Electrical System

Electrical Control System Installation Standards

Electrical control system certification will ensure our customers that we follow UK Standards.

Therefore, all our industrial electrical control panel wiring is electrically tested in our premises in Liverpool UK to avoid any delay in delivery. Also, we assign a Project Manager to the project to ensure a clear line of communication from design through commissioning.

Phoenix is certified by an ISO9001, NICEIC, CHAS Accredited Contractor and SafeContractor. Above all, we provide a quality service and ensure compliance with international regulations.

Our services

  • Control Panel Manufacture
  • Electrical Control Panel Build & Design
  • Industrial Electrical System – Installation & Design and all other electrical site work
  • PLC Programming
  • HMI Programming

Our standard is based on several control quality management core values including a strong focus on customer’s requirement, provide top control management services for continual and future improvement. These principles ensure that customers get consistent, provide quality products and services, which in turn brings many benefits for our customers.

Industrial Electrical Control System UK

There are different types of  industrial control systems and control systems is an integral part of industrial automation and it helps to evaluate the information and all data related to measurement such as the temperature, pressure, position, velocity, acceleration, voltage and more. Therefore, by controlling outputs and the analysis of the information, companies can improve the speed of response, accuracy, and stability of the system.

Technology is transforming industrial Automation processes. However, with the growing demand for high-quality products, manufacturers have to adapt to emerging automation systems. Therefore, there are more intelligent sensors and other control devices that would improve the efficiency of production systems. Therefore, a control system integrator must comply with safety and health standards.

We follow strict health & safety standards and regulations during the installation. For instance, we will discuss any specific requirement before the installation, then it will be implemented on-site.

Our suppliers are the most well-known brand in the UK to ensure the best quality control system. We also provide our customers with all documentation of the electrical control wiring or design for future expansion.

Our electrical engineers are qualify with vast experience installing control panels and panel wiring. We serve our customers all around UK and globally, contact us for more information.

Safety tips for electrical control panels

When the industrial control panel or any industrial equipment does not have an adequate short circuit current rating (SCCR) for the available short-circuit (fault) current, an electrical hazard may happen. Therefore, the industrial control panel must be adequate for the available fault current and one of the tasks of a control system integrator is to determine rating factor when they do the installation of the electrical control system. Our Electrical engineers Oxford are certified and follow that the standards procedures.

Although the overall electrical control system process may seem simple and straightforward, it can be a complex and challenging concept with regards to the use of current-limiting devices. For instance, a control system integrator ensures a proper electrical control systems installation, all power circuit components that supply external power for heating, lighting, motors or other appliances must be markings or include an instruction sheet for safety procedures.

Electrical Engineers in Oxford, UK

Phoenix Control System main office are located in Oxford.  We provide electrical control systems and control panel manufacurer globally

Our Suppliers and Core Competences

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