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Control Panel Builder Key Considerations

Control panel builder should consider the layout and component for the best logical-functional manner of the control panel system.   Some of the components of the industrial panel are power distribution, switches, breakers, terminals, fuse and safety elements, therefore, it requires enough space for future expansion.  It is not all about the basic design but also future modification, value and flexibility.

The control cabinet is the main feature of a machine or floor plant system, but it is often the last consideration for deciding on the project.

When it comes to customise cabinet control design, they provide doors for pushbuttons or human-machine interfaces (HMIs), sidewalls for climate control and mounting surface as well as hazard and environmental protection. Control Panel also include a door configuration with lift-off or welded hinges. The walls are welded together to provide support for the mounted controls.

It is better to consider the overall cost when trying to get the cheapest price for the industrial control panel. Some of the benefits for a first-class quality panel include production uptime, panels working properly and easy troubleshooting when components fail. Users need to consider value over the period of time, flexibility, and potential modifications when choosing a panel for any manufacturing process application.

A good control panel builder takes all these factors into account at the moment of building the control panel.

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Future proof Design

Control Panel Builder for Industrial Robot

Control Panel Builder

When purchasing any type of control cabinet, unibody or modular, users may need to think in future modifications. For example, if they are going to open new holes for pushbuttons or HMIs, remove doors, sidewalls or panels that need to be modified, add climate control or cables.

All these modifications may create problems with electronics on the panel and require time to keep debris and clean them up away. It will improve safety, efficiency and protection for the panel and the employees.

When considering a control cabinet is important to consider future proof design, flexible layout and ongoing maintenance. These affect life and cost of the equipment, control system or other devices.

Industrial control panels need to evolve in manufacturing; by choosing the right cabinet in the purchasing process reduce downtime, improve efficiency and deliver value over time.  Therefore, the right enclosure may protect your investment for future modifications with no needs to purchase other cabinet.

Phoenix Control Systems provides technical support during the installation or after the installation of the panels.

Control Panel Size and Component Space

Benefits for a well-designed control panel for component placement

  • Sufficient horizontal room gives space for addition or expansion for components such as power distribution breakers and terminals, Input/output terminals, PLC racks, and others
  • Ample space allows keeping wiring into terminals neatly.
  • Appropriate vertical space allows power components to dissipate heat properly.

In addition, plenty of room needs to be left at the bottom of the control panel to let for coiling up the wiring.

Industrial Control Panel Manufacture UK

As UK manufacturer, we can work from drawings with a technical in-house design to industrial panel wiring and installation.  For instance, we follow manufacturing standards of quality. All our industrial panel wiring  are electrically tested or bespoke designed based on client’s requirements.

Many are able to build a panel but few are able to build a long lasting high-quality panel. Working from our manufacturing premises in Liverpool, we produce and test all our custom-built panels. We have proven track record in serving the following industries: Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Food, Environmental, Robotics and others.

Our Services Include

  • Custom-built panels
  • Control panel for a diverse range of sectors
  • Technical Support
  • Full functional testing of the HVAC control panel
  • Control systems programming

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