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ABB robotics training

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Our Robotic Training Courses are specifically designed for manufacturing staff. Additionally, these programs will provide you with the expertise and knowledge to excel in operating robot controllers and equipment. With proper training, you’ll be able to increase productivity, efficiency, and precision, benefiting both you and your company. Available robot training courses include:

robot programming

This covers the basic skills for starting with industrial robots, including: jogging, program creation and editing along with the use of IO

Electrical Maintenance Course

We take the student through the architecture of the robot controller along with fault finding and routine maintenance.

Advance Robotics Training Course

It covers advanced programming training course (visual, complex variables, position data manipulation).

Basic Robotic Course

2 Days - Robotic Basic Training Course For up to 2 people
2487 Excluding VAT
  • The Teach Pendant – Layout, Buttons, Robot Operating Modes.
  • Simple Jogging – Axis Mode and World modes using +/- and Mouse.
  • The Startup Menu – Mastering the Robot, Tool Setup, Base Setup.
  • Other Jogging – Tool and Base Coordinate Systems.
  • The Navigator Screen – Creating a Folder, Creating a Program, Editing, User and Expert.
  • Movement Programming User – Creating a trajectory program using the inline form.
  • Automatic External– Programming the auto external.
  • Logic Programming – Adding IO commands into the program trajectory.
  • Basic Commands – Using the IF, SWITCH and Sub Routine calls.
  • Simple Variables – Creating and Using: INT, BOOL, REAL and SIGNAL (and using SWITCH).
  • Movement Programming Expert – Creating a trajectory program using KRL.
  • Setting Software Limits.

Advanced Robotic Course

2 Days - Robotic Advance Training Course For up to 2 people
2487 Excluding VAT
  • Advanced position programming (offsetting, position data manipulation).
  • Interrupts (Search routines and simple interrupt commands).
  • Complex variables (Structures, Enums)
  • Submit Interpreter – Programming in the PLC background Program.
  • Arrays - Programming using two and three dimensional arrays.
  • Creating IO and variable overview tables.
  • Working with Work Visual.
  • Introduction to KUKA Simulation software.

Electrical Maintenance Course

  • Architecture of Robot Controller
  • Fault Finding
  • Routine Maintenance

(*) Please bear in mind that the electrical maintenance course must be done at our facility because the robot will be taken apart.

ABB Robotics Training

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Choosing the Right Robot Controllers

Choosing the correct robot controller type is critical when buying a robot since it directly influences its performance, functionality, and flexibility. In addition, it is important to evaluate your application requirements carefully when deciding which courses in robotic training you need.

ABB robotics training

ABB offers various controllers for its industrial robots. These controllers are tailored to different applications and models. Some of the main types of controllers for ABB robotics training courses include:

  • IRC5:  IRC5 is their top platform, offering advanced motion control for welding, material handling and painting.
  • IRC5 Compact is a smaller version of IRC5 with similar functionalities designed for limited space applications.

ABB Robotics Training: Controller Info.

  • FlexPendant

    ABB’s handheld programming device for robots. Compatible with IRC5 and other controllers.

  • IRC5 Single Cabinet

    All integrated into a single cabinet, simplifying installation and reducing space requirements while offering standard IRC5 performance and features.

  • CompactRIO

    Specialized CompactRIO controllers for real-time processing and high-speed I/O.

  • RobotWare

    ABB’s RobotWare software platform enhances robot programming and control through offline programming and monitoring tools.

KUKA Robotics Controllers

KUKA is a leading manufacturer of industrial robots and offers several types of robot controllers tailored to different applications and industries. Here are some of the main types of KUKA robot controllers:

  • KRC2

    An earlier generation controller used with KUKA’s older robot models such as the KR 16 and KR 30 series. Still offers reliable performance and compatibility with applications.

  • KRC4

    High-performance controller for the latest-gen robots like KR Quantec series. Therefore, some of the features are fast processing, advanced motion control, and seamless peripheral integration. It is ideal for welding, machining, and material handling.

  • KUKA Sunrise

    Advanced software platform for programming and control with intuitive interfaces, simulation, and external system integration.

KUKA robot
  • KRC4 Compact

    A smaller version of KR C4, with similar performance but a smaller size for limited space applications.

  • KRC4 Nano

    The KR C4 nano is a compact and lightweight controller for small robots and collaborative applications with real-time control and safety features.

FANUC Robotics Controllers

FANUC R-J2 and R-J3 controllers are old models that were extensively used in industrial automation and are still in use in many facilities nowadays. However, it is vital to acknowledge that FANUC has introduced newer controller platforms such as the R-30iB and R-30iA series. Moreover, these platforms provide advanced features, better performance, and compatibility with the newest FANUC robot models.

  • R-30iB Controller Series
    Advanced motion control, high-speed processing, and compatible with FANUC robots. Ideal for material handling, welding, assembly, and painting.
  • R-30iA Controller Series
    It provides similar functionality to the R-30iB series. Compatible with FANUC robots, widely used in industrial automation.

Choose controller for your course

  • R-30iB Plus Controller Series
    Improved user interface, enhanced safety functions, and support for new robot models and applications.
  • R-30iB Mate Controller Series
    A compact and lightweight controller platform for small robots and collaborative applications with real-time control and safety features. Suitable for limited space and flexibility needs.
  • R-30iB Mini Controller
    Compact and cost-effective, basic motion control capabilities for small robots and simple applications. Suitable for light handling and education.
  • HandlingTool Controller
    A specialized controller for FANUC’s handling robots, with tailored motion control and programming options for industries like packaging, food processing, and electronics assembly.
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Manufacturing Robotics Training

We recommend a maximum of two students per robot to ensure a high level of hands-on time with the robot. Phoenix provides a complete training manual for future reference, or simply call us back if needed. We aim to provide a great customer experience during the training and afterward. Contact us to discuss a robot training course to fit your needs. Also, we will help you to choose the right industrial robot arm. To optimize your robotics operations and maintenance, choose from our selection of manufacturing robotics training courses and controllers.


Robotics Training Courses for Manufacturing Operators

Our courses are designed to meet the diverse needs of manufacturing operators. Furthermore, we will collaborate closely with you to understand your factory’s specific requirements and develop a training plan for your team. Rest assured that we will create a personalized training package that is effective and efficient, ensuring operational excellence.

We offer a variety of courses covering a range of topics, such as basic, electrical, and advanced training courses. Moreover, our experienced trainers are well-equipped with the latest knowledge to deliver the best results. We are confident that we can help you and your team members acquire new skills and improve productivity.

Absolutely! We understand that every factory is unique. Therefore, we offer custom course packages specifically designed to fulfill your individual learning goals. Consequently, we strive to provide you with the most efficient solutions that align with your business objectives.

Robotic training for manufacturing operators plays a critical role in improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring that your operations run as smoothly as possible. With the right skills and expertise, team members can operate, repair, and maintain robotic systems, ensuring your factory sustains operational excellence long-term.

We recommend a maximum of two students per robot.

Our courses are designed for anyone, from beginners to advanced levels, who want to gain useful insights and training in the world of robotic automation. For example, we have worked with small and large factories, front-line operators, and servicing companies that require new training for their team members.

It really depends on your facility. However, we provide classes for basic, electrical, and advanced training. Additionally, we offer advanced courses. Please contact us to determine the best course focus for your team.

The duration of our courses varies depending on the specific needs and requirements of your facility. However, we offer both short-term and long-term training options that are customized to fit your schedule and budget.

The cost of our training courses depends on the specific needs and requirements of your facility. We will provide you with a quotation once we have received your detailed brief outlining your requirements. In addition, this includes any necessary customizations or additional services required to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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