Robotic In Manufacturing

Robotics in Manufacturing are becoming a necessity because manufacturers need to optimise the production lines

Robot Applications use in Manufacturing

Robotics in manufacturing are becoming a necessity because manufacturers need to optimise the production lines. Therefore, employing a robotic integrator is the step toward the optimisation of the production lines for a quick (ROI) return on investment. Therefore, adopting an industrial automation plan is a good first step towards cost reduction and a more efficient production line.

Adding automated robotic cell to a factory for tasks such as milling,  welding,  assembly,  painting and handling requires investment not easy to achieve for small to medium companies. As a more economical alternative, users can turn to reconditioned robots. These second-hand robots provide the same advantages as new robots.

Phoenix provides turnkey solutions to our clients with full system integration and engineering services for robotic automation solutions. We have access to all the necessary services and skillsets under one roof. Thereby resulting in more efficient project planning and execution for our customers. Therefore, project planners need to choose the best technology that best fits their current and future needs.

KUKA Material Handling Robots


Painting Robots

We tend to think of the automotive industry when we consider the use of painting robots. Today, we are seeing a new interest in paint robots for smaller applications.

Milling Robots

Milling cell brings a high level of flexibility and accuracy because industrial robots can produce high-quality, complex and exceptional geometric parts.

Welding Robots

Robotic welding systems help companies gain a competitive advantage over those companies that have not made the transition to welding automation.

Palletising Robots

Palletising robots build up layers of products for shipment usually onto pallets. When the pallet is full the operator will remove the completed pallet.

Assembly Line robots

Industrial robots are very useful in an automated assembly line operations, improving process efficiency at low operational cost and savings costs.

Trimming & Cutting Robots

Robotic cutting and trimming robot application is the process to remove any material to follow a predetermined path.

Robotics in Manufacturing Challenges

Manufacturers are facing challenges from many fronts such as changing customer expectations, accelerated production cycles, stricter standards, and rising material costs. Also, there is a push to implement new technologies and this new technology simply represents more things to integrate. So, robot integration is central to many automation systems.

Bearing in mind the need for time-critical commissioning periods, all industrial robots supplied are workshop tested here in the UK.  As a result, this testing avoids any delay during the installation and commissioning phases.

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Things to consider when investing in Industrial Robots

A good robot integrator helps to choose the right robot based on the company’s requirements and robot application.  They understand the market with regards to cell design and point you in the direction of various options.

  • Robot choice to reach and payload.
  • Is an external axis or axes required (Turntable, Rail)?
  • The installation (mechanical and electrical) and commissioning.
  • The cell control panel and it’s required interfaces.
  • The fixturing of the parts for the robot operations.
  • The transfer to and from the robot operations of the parts.
  • Guarding and safety systems (light curtains, laser scanners etc).
  • End of arm tooling and their control system.
  • Does the cell require PLC control and/or HMI.
  • Operator and maintenance access into the cell.
  • The tool path programming for robot operations.
  • Robot programming training.
  • Periodic maintenance.

Turnkey Industrial Robot Application Solutions

Our project manager will carefully plan and schedule the complete process from start to finish to manage all the details. Also, quality checks will be carried out throughout the different phases of the project, including liaising at each stage with the client and keeping you informed.

Phoenix integrates and installs robots in factories whether it is new or reconditioned robots.  We offer solutions for all kind of robotic manufacturing applications for all sectors such as car manufacturing, aerospace, food & beverage, plastic just to name a few.

As a first step towards your proposed robotic automation project, we can arrange a meeting at your premises to discuss your project. At this point, we can help to lay down the scope and objectives of your project.  See more on our Industrial Automation Post