In summary, a robotic systems integrator guides companies during the process before they purchase the robot saving time and cost.

Choose the right Robot

It is essential to choose the right robot based on robot specifications

Full Turnkey Integration

Complete robotic integration from the initial step to a running process

After-Sales Support

Robot Support before the investment, during the integration and after-sales




Free Consultation to ensure we understand what the company needs are.



We will prepare a proposal based on your requirements and our understanding.



We test all equipment before shipping it. In this way, we ensure everything is working properly.



Phoenix schedule the installation based on the working process of our customer.


We have a number of robotic services within our portfolio to cater to all stages.  See all stages that our robotic system integrators follow during the project.

Robotic integration Quotation

The quoting stage

Quotation is the first step of a new robotic project. Following by management decisions on the needs of the facility.

Phoenix supplies robotic design expertise. In the case of an upgrade of their existing robotic system or the installation of a new robotic cell. Thus, this will help you to deal with the need for increased production capability. Also, our robotic experts can help with fixing the scope of a particular project. Likewise, follow up with the pricing based on the agreed scope.

Robotic Design Stage

Once a project has been approved we will work in conjunction with your own project managers to fix the robotic design and where necessary produce an FDS (Functional Design Specification). This will outline all the details of the proposed robotic cell design so that both parties have a single document to work to. Throughout this phase, we will support you through the process with regular updates to ensure that the FDS reflects all the elements of the project and any requested modifications.
ABB robotics training

The Robot Installation Stage

Throughout the stage of the robot integration, our project manager will advise and coordinate all aspects of the robot installation. We will provide regular updates of the installation progress or any source of technical details that require clarification.

Robotic Training

Phoenix can support you with all your robotic training needs whether this takes place during the project or at a later date. We will provide basic to advanced robot training courses. We normally include some basic training in the quotation. However, we can coordinate more advanced robot training courses based on customer needs.
ABB robotics training

After-Sales Robotic Support

Our robotic support does not end once we have left the site. We will be always available for ongoing system integration support. Therefore, in the rare case that there is a problem we can take you through the solution to resolve the issue. However, in most cases, the problem is simply resolved over the phone. In the unlikely event of a site visit being necessary, we can schedule a visit from one of our engineers.

System integration support in the form of upgrades

Once the cell or the process has been up and running for a number of years an upgrade in the system may be necessary. Likewise, it is possible that a requirement to increase production. Therefore, because of our in-depth knowledge of the original design and installation.

We provide both control system integration support as well as robot integration support at a competitive cost.

Phoenix Control Systems Ltd. | Built To Your Specification

Phoenix provides robotic turnkey solutions based on your specification or needs.  Likewise, we help customers reduce their costs by providing support from the start of the automation and after the commissioning period.