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30 Years Of Experience In Robotic Automation Systems. It has never been easier to get the best of the production line with robotics & automation systems

Know the Robotic Automation Process

“Being our first robot we were relying on the advice of a good reliable robot integrator who could help us along the way. With Phoenix on the team we honestly could not have asked for more. "

/ Architect DeMicoli & Associates / Malta

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Whether your company is considering robot automation for the first time or looking to expand your current robotic systems, Phoenix provides affordable automation cost and help you to choose the right industrial robot for your project. Likewise, it’s essential to choose the best technology for the operation process, the automation that best fits the current and future needs.

Build Company's Objectives for your Robotic Systems

Phoenix has a long experience integrating automation systems that are easy to incorporate into existing production processes by working with you to provide all levels of integration, from full turnkey robot cells to hardware upgrades, software improvements, robot/plc programming, and control panel fabrication, listing just a few of the multiple services available.

Work Hard to Succeed

Our engineer carefully plans and schedules the complete process from start to finish to manage all the details and carry out quality checks throughout the different phases of the project, liaising at each stage and keeping you informed. 

robotic automation system


Boost Production efficiency

  1. Increase data efficiency by up to 90 percent.
  2. Production 24/7 and IT manufacturing-friendly.
  3. Industrial Robots can be pre-programmed offline to allow updates to be prepared in parallel to the current output.
  4. Flexible changeover for tooling and programs.
  5. Real-time data communications to react to changing manufacture conditions.

Enhance system adaptability

  1. Accessible for new production requirements.
  2. Flexibility in adjusting to output demand fluctuations.
  3. Robots can easily be redeployed with a minimum of downtime.
  4. Robots can quickly adapt to a wide range of products by doing small changes to the setup of the cell.
  5. Industry 4.0 ready

How to start on Robotics & Automation Systems?

We are with you in every step of your the robotic project

Robotic automation systems

We have developed a new robotic selection tool to help companies, who are looking to start out in automation. Likewise, this allows the client to analyse and have an idea of how their automation requirements will be based on the sample of the return on investment calculations.

Whether you want to install a robotic system using new or reconditioned industrial robots contact your robot integrator.  Besides this, try out our Robot ROI Calculator tool.  Because we understand the importance of planning.  We built this robotic ROI calculator tool to help you to get a very good idea of the elements involved in the automation.  It also helps with various different applications and the impact on your investment.

Let’s us know if you are searching for Used Robots for Sale.  We will help you where to get the best option without extra cost.