Robotic welding systems help companies gain a competitive advantage over those companies that have not made the transition to welding automation. In fact, robot welding is becoming increasingly attractive for job shops. By welding with a robot provides very high consistency of weld due to the high repeatability of the robot path.

Consequently, this brings improvements in quality and reduction in waste without any impact on the overall time to carry out the welding operations. In conjunction, welders can oversee the productivity of more than one robotic welding cell at a time.

Types of Welding Robots

Industrial robots have six degrees of freedom ( six-axis robots) this allows for maximum flexibility. So, welding automation becoming one of the best options. Some of the most common applications in welding manufacturing processes are:

  • Arc Welding.
  • Spot Welding.
  • CMT (Cold Metal transfer Technology) Welding.
  • Additive Manufacturing.

Small or mid-size companies tend to believe that robots are too expensive to consider. The price of robots has dropped in the last years, whether you consider new robots or affordable reconditioned robots, contact us.  We can help you get the best out of your robot integration project.

Benefits of robotic welding systems

  • Parts move through the system more quickly.  Consequently, as a result, production increases.
  • Consistency and repeatability of the weld. Significant improvements in productivity and finished part quality.
  • Robotic welding places the same quality welds in the same spots, with minimal human error.
  • Lower production costs by reducing labour requirements. You can have a qualified welder supervising the work of several automated cells instead of having to find and train a lot of welders.
  • Industrial robots will reduce the overall cost of the product. More economically and less wasteful of welding materials.
  • Consistent cycle times, no breaks in production, and very precise movement allowing for less weld spattering and less post-weld clean-up.
  • Robotic systems can tolerate much harsher work environments and they can operate at higher amperage.
robot welding system

Welding Robots Key Factors

When looking into a robot-based welding project there are some considerations to take into account. Firstly the size of the robot will be more of a consideration of the size of the part rather than a question of payload and the choice is made based on its reach.

The second consideration is how the parts will be loaded into the robotic cell. The most popular solution is to use some form of turntable. In this case, the parts to be welded are loaded on one side whilst the robot is welding the parts on the robot side. Subsequently, when the welding operations are completed the turntable rotates and the previously welded parts are unloaded.

The third consideration is the weld controller itself and this must be chosen depending on the material to be welded. It may be that a customer has existing equipment for manual welding in which case it would make sense to enquire if the supplier also has an automatic version of their equipment available.

Quick Return on Investment

Industrial robots performance continues to grow.  Furthermore, now is the perfect time for small and mid-sized companies that have been waiting for a decline in robotic prices to take up automation for their process.

We can show you how to determine the value of your investment or alternatively check the following tool that can give an indication of the return on investment. ROI Robot Systems Calculator Tool. However, a robot integrator will be able to analyse the real investment and reduce costs by guiding you throughout the entire process.

Phoenix integrates and installs complete welding robots from initial design and consultation to manufacturing. Also, we provide robot trainingrobot programmingrobot simulation, installation, commissioning, and technical support. In addition, we manufacture bespoke Control Panels as well as the electrical design and installation. See others System Integration Solutions  Read more: Manufacturing Automation Systems Improve Output

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