Robotic Milling performs precise cuts and movements for a better quality product. Therefore, milling robot cell brings a high level of flexibility and accuracy because industrial robots can produce high-quality, complex and exceptional geometric parts.  Even so, they are able to mill any object of any size or shape within its envelope by just adjusting the robot offline programming and end-of-arm-tooling.

Robotic Milling makes the process of milling more economical for wood, plastic, metal, carbon fibre and aluminium.  In addition, it’s a high degree of flexibility and large working envelope/cost makes it much cheaper than the equivalent CNC Machines. Also, industrial robots are flexible and they have the ability to carry out six-axis tool paths.

System Integrator for your Milling Project

A good system integrator possesses multiple traits, in addition to technological understanding to help you achieve your objective. Furthermore, no matter what application that needs automating, a robot provides a quick return on your investment and a robot integrator is able to help you determine the best robot that fits the desired application. Also, we suggest that you check out the following tool that gives an indication of the value of a selection of example robot investments ROI Robot Automation Calculator Tool.

Phoenix supplies quality robotic system integration for all sectors.  Further to this, we offer solutions for all kind of applications such as robot milling, Cutting robotsWelding robotsMaterial HandlingPalletisingAssembly robots and more.

TOP 5 Benefits of Robotic milling

  • Increase Flexibility: Robots greatly increase the flexibility of milling scope compared to traditional machining centres. A six-axis robot allied with an integrated turntable will greatly increase the possibilities of cutting complex shapes.
  • Lower Cost: Especially in the case of large workpieces, milling robots can work out significantly cheaper than the equivalent CNC solution.
  • Through the flexibility of six axes, the robot supports undercuts and can work from all directions.
  • An open architecture of cell design allowing for easier process flow.

Phoenix integrates and installs complete robotic milling solutions from initial design and consultation to manufacture. Also, we offer robot trainingrobot programmingrobot simulation, commissioning, and technical support. Whether you decide to configure your complete milling robot cell, around a new robot or reconditioned robot.

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