Benefits of Palletising Robots

Palletising robots build up layers of products for shipment usually onto pallets. When the pallet is full the operator will remove the completed pallet. Palletising products are often very heavy, for example, bags of product weighing up to 50Kg. In the case of a human worker this work will be very tiring and potentially could affect their health. However, for a robot, this poses no problem as the robot can work 24/7 non-stop if necessary.

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Quick Return on Investment

Palletising robots performance continues to grow, furthermore, now is the perfect time for small and mid-sized companies that have been waiting for a decline in robotic prices to take up automation for their process.

We can show you how to determine the value of your investment or alternatively check the following tool that can give an indication of the return on investment. ROI Robot Systems Calculator Tool.  However, a robot integrator will be able to analyse the real investment and reduce costs by guiding you throughout the entire process.

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Consult a Robot Integrator

Affordable robots mean more manufacturers will begin using them for more applications. Therefore, if you are hesitating about investing in palletising robots, you may want to consult with a robot integrator.  Why?  Because a robot integrator understands how to maximise your return on investment, backed up with a vast experience and knowledge base built from years of designing and installing similar cells to your project.

Palletising Solutions

Phoenix integrates and installs complete palletising robot systems from initial design and consultation to manufacturing as well as robot trainingrobot programmingrobot simulation, installation, commissioning, and technical support. In addition, we manufacture bespoke Control Panels as well as the electrical design and installation.

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