Robotic Arms for Manufacturing Applications

Phoenix is an automation company serving globally and providing turnkey industrial automation and robotic arms for manufacturing applications solutions. As a systems integrator, we understand that every client is unique, and we customise our services based on our customer-specific needs.

Market Understanding

However, a lot of companies don’t have the background to know the best options from the current marketplace to fully automate a particular process. But, in the case of manufacturing robot systems, it’s important to make the correct choice of the robot from a myriad of possible solutions because not all them suit all robotic applications.

Top Robotic Manufacturing Applications

There are many types of robotic arms for manufacturing applications with different types of robot configurations.  Among the most popular robots are six-axis robots. On these types of robots, each joint forms one of the six-axis invariably with three main axes providing the main movement in the envelope.  Also, the three minor axes providing wrist flexibility.

To an extent, the robotic arm simulates the human arm, and with the correct end of arm tooling can manipulate objects in the same way as the human equivalent.

Types of Manufacturing Robots

As a robot integration company, we are not tied to any particular maker, working with all the most well-known robot arm brands. Our manufacturing robots brands include KUKA Robots, ABB Robots, Fanuc Robots, Yaskawa Robots, and Staubli Robots. When the customer approaches us for the first time, we will discuss their project in detail to understand what the client needs to achieve. Then, we will recommend the best option from the current market for their specific requirement.

Phoenix can provide both the sale of the bare robot all the way up to a full turnkey solution. Also, we will study your requirements in-depth and offer a solution to maximise the efficiency of your robotic applications.

Elements to consider when buying Manufacturing Robot Systems

When purchase a robot arm is essential to consider some elements not only for future expansion of the company.  But also for the best functioning of the robot. See below some of these future robot updates.  Also, check out our Robotic FAQ.

  • Robot payload required
  • The reach required
  • The floor space required for the cell
  • Offline programming software for generating the tool paths
  • Perform a robot Simulation to confirm cycle time and reach
  • Is there a preference for the make of robot?
  • Will the robot requires a multi-tasking function for controlling other aspects of the cell?
  • Ensure to include safety systems. For example, the latest generation of zone monitoring to enable a reduction in the guarding area

Here at Phoenix, we don’t just sell robots we are a full systems integrator able to work with you from the very early stages of your project through implementation. Next, we will follow by ongoing after-sales support once the project is up and running.

Get Flexible Industrial robots in manufacturing systems for your next project and keep production running. So, let’s know the robotic applications you have in mind whether you want new robots or used industrial robots.

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