Robotic Winding Cell

Customer: Haydale Composite Solutions – Robotic Winding Cell Projects

Skill: Specialist knowledge in the application of graphene in polymers and composites

The Brief: To design and commission a KR210 based robot cell to provide a development platform for EPL to carry out studies on winding composite fibre onto a robot held former.

This included the following activities:

  • Design and install guarding to suit the floor requirements at EPL (now Haydale Composite Solutions)
  • Install and design cell controls for the KR210 robot and KRC2 Edition 5 controller
  • To install and commission the robot at Haydale’s premises.
  • Provide programming training for the new cell
  • (Tool path programming is carried out using CADFIL software)

The Cell consists of:

  • KR210 Robot.
  • KRC2 Edition 5 Controller with KSS 5.4.14.
  • Beckhoff IO Modules on DeviceNet.
  • Inputs & Outputs.
  • Robot and guarding mechanical Installation.
  • Electrical Installation and commissioning for the robot, guarding and control panel
  • Robot programming and training.

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