Robotic Handling Systems

Summary: The client is a company based in New Mills providing the service to a large range of companies since 1970. They were searching for an economical solution to manipulate the induction heat treatment head around a complicated shaped part and for this reason opted for a used industrial robot Kuka robot KRC1 KR200.

Customer: The company is a specialist induction heat treatment facility

Skill: Precision Heat Treatment for Precision Engineers

The scope consisted of:

    • KR200 Robot
    • KRC1 Controller with Windows 95 and KSS 4.4.14
    • Clients own tooling
    • Phoenix Controls Electrical Panel
    • Supervision of the Mechanical Installation of the robot
    • Supervision of the Robot Electrical Installation
    • Robot Commissioning


Robot Systems installation: Phoenix carried out the initial industrial electrical design studies for the cell control panel and the commissioning of the robotic material handling itself.

Industrial Control Panel: The cell control panel contains all the circuit breakers, safety relays and safety circuits along with the associated wiring.

Installation and Commissioning:

  • The electrical connection of the cell control panel (put in place and connection of the cables from the control panel to the robot).
  • The commissioning of the robot (mastering and testing).
  • The configuration and testing of the SPS.SUB for automatic operation with the cell control push buttons.
  • Ongoing customer support following the commissioning.


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