Robot Welding Systems

Robot welding systems consist of the integration of two Kuka KRC2 y Kuka KR100P. Robots one will be carrying out the handling work and the other the welding.

Customer: Pump Parts Ltd.

Skill: Supplying the Concrete Pumping, Piling, Screeding and Grouting Industries

Robot Welding Systems Cell Consists of:

  • The cell has one infeed conveyor to bring the pre-tacked welded parts into the cell, an outfeed conveyor for the completed parts and also a steel pipe gravity fed supply chute.
  • The welding operations will be handled by the welding robot and the part manipulated during welding by the handling robot for the small parts from the conveyor and by the welding robot alone for the pipes
  • Phoenix will design, build, test and deliver a control panel for the installation
  • Operator control panel Phoenix will build, desing, test and deliver a small enclosure fitted
  • Commissioning robots and panel: Phoenix Control Systems will commission on site the two robots and the control panel
  • Safety devices
  • Cell operation robot code

Robot welding

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