Robot Cutting Customer: Thistle Rose


Skill: Qualified and professional automotive enginerring with pedigree in design

Robot Cutting for Camper convertions

Robot Cutting usually required spindle tool to perform multiple tasks. Cutting and Material Removal applications consist of multiple operations that vary with the application, some of the most common operations are: deburring, grinding, polishing or finishing, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, trimming and sawing.

When you decide to buy a robot to perform any material removal, you will require to know the payloads, configuration available, performance, work envelopes, mounted models, and the tooling you will require.

Robotic Cutting & Milling Case

Brief: The client was Thistle Rose Leisure a company based in Skipton providing camper and other conversion services for vans and vehicles with an accumulated experience of fifty years. They were searching for a milling solution to carry out the fabrication of the panels used in the process of the vehicle conversions and opted for a KRC2 Edition 5 KR210 robot. They also supplied the Tool Rack, Spindle, Inverter, pneumatic valves and piping for the installation pre-installed on the robot.

Scope Description in Detail:

Robot: The company purchased the robot for cutting & milling directly from the manufacturer. Phoenix carried out the electrical and software design studies for the mechanical and electrical integration of the complete cell including control panel and the commissioning of the industrial robot, spindle and tool change

Installation and Commissioning:

  • The mechanical installation of the robot cutting, control panel, and tool rack.
  • The installation of all the cable trunking and containment.
  • The electrical connection of the cell control panel
  • The commissioning of the robot cutting & milling, spindle and tool rack (mastering, inverter parameters and testing).
  • The configuration and testing of the SPS.SUB for automatic operation with the cell control push buttons.
  • Ongoing customer support following the commissioning.

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