Palletising Robot Cell:    control system integrator

Palletising robots means to organise cases of products onto a pallet.

Customer: Livesey Brothers Measham

Skill: Mushroom Farm

Palletising Robot Cell Case Study summary:

Phoenix worked directly for SCM Handling to commission and program the robot part of the complete palletising cell.

Consists of:

  • KR180 Palletising Robot
  • KRC4 Controller
  • Bespoke Gripper
  • Beckhoff IO Modules on EtherCat
  • Siemens PLC with HMI
  • Industrial Electrical Installation and PLC Commissioning (PCS supervision)


Our customer carries out the following tasks:

    • Racking and Palletising Cells
    • Extensive Conveyor System
    • Robot Mechanical Installation
    • Customer support


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