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Milling Robot with tool changer

The project consists of the installation of the robot with turntable, industrial control panel, safety guarding and inverter, KUKA robot programming basic training, spindle with auto tool changer and ten position tool rack for milling operations.

Customer: Danda Build Ltd.

Skill: Danda Build, a design and build company that specializes in project management

Robotic Cell 

The Cell Consists of:

    • KR210 Robot
    • KRC2 Edition 5 Controller with Windows XP and KSS 5.4.14
    • Single Axis Turntable
    • End of Arm Tool Changer


Spindle with Auto Tool Changer: The robot spindle includes an auto tool changer whereby the robot runs through the following steps to carry out a tool change during the automatic cutting cycle.

  • Ten position tool rack supplied by our partner
  • Wago IO Modules on DeviceNet
  • Supervision of Robot Mechanical Installation
  • Supervision of the Robot Electrical Installation
  • Robot and Turntable Commissioning
  • Turntable Integration with Root point and Offset definition

Electrical Control Systems

Phoenix Controls Electrical Panel (with Cycle Start, Cycle Stop, Drives On and Reset PB)

Industrial Control Panel: The cell control panel contains all the circuit breakers, safety relays, and safety circuits along with the Invertek inverter for the spindle and the Wago IO, and the associated wiring. Includes:

  • Rittal enclosure.
  • 3Phase to 24VDC PSU.
  • Main Isolator.
  • MCBs Robot and VSD.
  • Circuit Breakers for panel equipment.
  • Safety relays for Estop circuit and operator safety circuits.
  • Invertek Inverter.
  • Wago Digital and Analogue IO Modules. (32 Inputs, 32 Outputs, and 1 Analogue Output)


Robot Safety Guarding: For safety the robot operations a robot cell will separate human intervention from the industrial robot by  an access door (1.2 metres) that will stop the robot or spindle in the event of the access door being opened whilst the cell is running in automatic mode.

Inverter, Spindle with Auto Tool Changer and Ten Position Tool Rack: The control of the spindles will be via an Invertek inverter.  The inverter is mounted in the control panel. The spindle will be interlocked with the Estop and operator safety circuits so that in the event of an Estop or entry into the booth in Automatic mode the spindle will stop.

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