Art Piece Robotic Milling

Robotic Milling Art Design

The project is to design and build an industrial control panel to integrate with the used industrial robot KUKA KR240 with Edition 5 Controller along with a two-tonne capacity turntable and install and commission the robot and industrial control panel. Additionally, Phoenix control panel will include the inverter and all the cell control equipment. We will also provide basic robot programming.

Customer: Commarque Ltd.

Skill:  The concept is for a milling cell utilising two different spindles that have common electrical and pneumatic connections and bracketry

Robot Milling Systems Scope:

Robot IO

  • To provide an interface between the robot controller and the peripheral equipment there are a number of digital inputs and outputs along with an analog output module mounted in the cell control panel.
  • Along with the coupler, there are four off 4 digital input cards, two of 4 digital output cards and an analog output card.

The door safety switch

  • The cell access door will be monitored by a Guardmaster two-channel safety switch that is integrated into the robot operator safety circuit.
  • The supply and installation of the door safety switch are in the scope of Phoenix Control Systems Ltd.

Installation & Commissioning

  • The electrical install of the robot and the spindle cables
  • The electrical installation of the cell control panel and connection of the cables from the industrial panel to the main incoming supply, from the control panel to the door lock.
  • The commissioning of the robot (mastering, floor defined working base data, turntable root point and offset along with two spindle tool definitions for the cutting trials).
  • The commissioning of the safety circuits (Estop and Operator safety) and industrial panel push-button controls.
  • The robot programming and testing of the auto tool changer sequences.

Tool rack

  • The ten position tool rack

Electrical Supply

  • Phoenix will connect the industrial panel supplies into the wall-mounted

Installation under our direction & supervision

  • The mechanical installation of the robot and turntable, the ten-position tool rack and Phoenix’s Control Panel

Phoenix will deliver the project on time with our Project Management services.

Robot Training

  • Kuka robotic training