3D Printing Robot Automation

3D Printing Robot Automation Case Study:  Installation and Commissioning of KUKA Robot based Extrusion Cell

Customer: The New Raw

Website: http://www.thenewraw.org/

Skill:  THE NEW RAW works towards closing material cycles and strengthening local production using an open and scale-less approach that is based on material research, digital design and fabrication. All projects aim to disseminate and implement circular models by developing contextually strong and visually inspiring concepts.


Installation, Supervision, commissioning and initial setup of a KUKA Based extrusion cell on site in Greece.

Supervision and guidance for the mechanical Installation of the robot (Local installation company)

Supervision and guidance for the electrical installation of the robot (Local installation, however for the robot I will connect the Motor Cable and the Data cable but the local company to provide the trunking etc.)

Commissioning of the robot includes:

  • The mastering of the robot and verification of function on site.
  • Definition of the tcp for the extruder nozzle.
  • Definition of the base coordinate system for the work piece jig fixture.
  • One day of trials with client generated tool paths.

Furthermore, it is planned for the extrusion machine at least initially to be operated autonomously without any interface to the robot.

Industrial robots helps 3D Printing industry to create and design strong and visually inspiring concepts by recycling plastic waste for awe inspiring designs.



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