Industrial Robots Working Alongside Humans

Industrial robots are consistently working alongside humans. Due to this increased collaboration, robots are rapidly growing in popularity and many companies are now exploring the benefits of using them. Collaborative robots, in particular, are efficient to teach a path and operate at a reasonable speed. Furthermore, these robots will automatically stop when humans come close to them.

Emerging Sector

In the near future, there will be a rise in these types of robots at more affordable prices. As a result, companies are taking their first steps in integrating collaborative robots into their initial automation projects.

However, there are new challenges and opportunities for system integrators, such as dealing with new materials, advanced concepts of automation, and advancing SCADA structures.

Top Reasons to Take the First Step with Collaborative Robots:

  • Quick return on investment (ROI)
  • Flexibility and take up less space
  • Cheaper and faster to set up
  • Easier to integrate into existing or new systems
  • Light-weight and smaller than traditional robots

The Demand for Robots Continues to Grow

industrial robots, collaborative robots

According to the IFR, industrial robots worldwide are expected to increase to about 2.6 million units by 2019 and will continue to grow by 2021. Currently, around 70% of industrial robots are working in the automotive, electrical, electronic, and metal and machinery sectors.

Collaborative robots represent an emerging market that will allow system integrators to take full advantage of robotic automation. Whatever the challenge, Phoenix has the expertise and determination to help customers complete their projects on time while complying with all robotics safety and control systems standards.

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