See How we manage a typical Industrial Automation Systems project

Project Engagement

Phoenix will set up a meeting to establish your company’s needs and objectives for your Industrial automation system’s requirements:

  • We will guide and advise you through every stage until the completion of the project.
  • We consider every detail of your requirements such as building size, space required for the new industrial automation systems, integration with the existing equipment, work piece specifications, production times, and more.
  • Our Project Manager will perform a full site inspection, discussing with you all the items in item 2.

Prepare a Tender Document

We plan and design the automation around your product and operational requirements.

  • We will look at your current process with a view to cost reduction and production requirements.
  • We prepare a tender document which describes in detail all the elements of your project: reference documents used, our scope, proposed planning schedule, and a breakdown of all the costs along with payment terms and conditions.
  • Your mechanical and electrical systems specifications are taken into account, in the case where you have preferred suppliers.
  • A comprehensive test schedule is prepared and agreed for the commissioning period.

Quotation & Simulation

At the initial quotation, we will meet with all providers, to ensure that all equipment meets all standards of the industrial automation requirements.

  • Once our understanding of the project through the tender document is agreed, we will request samples of the part(s) for simulation trials.
  • A detailed quotation will be prepared to include specification of the electrical or mechanical components specific to the project.
  • A full project description will be included in the tender document and this will form the basis for the functional design specification for the next stage in the project.
  • A full production test schedule will also be outlined for the completion of the commissioning phase to ensure that the system is achieving the required production criteria.

Design, Testing & Manufacture

We assign a Project Manager to the project to ensure a clear line of communication from design through to commissioning.

  • The Project Manager will check all information prior to commencement of manufacture and will produce the functional design specification as the technical document used to lead the following design stages. Both parties will discuss and agree on the content of the Functional Design Specification/tender document document.
  • Electrical systems diagram and mechanical drawings are produced using Eplan and Autocad by our designers ready for passing into manufacture.
  • The software will be written and pre-tested whilst the manufacturing process is taking place to keep the onsite commissioning time to a minimum.
  • A technical liaison with other equipment suppliers is established during this stage with regard to interfacing with our system.

Installation and Commissioning

The Project Manager will ensure that every element of the project is undertaken on time during the installation of the Industrial automation systems:

  • The Installation phase is monitored constantly by the site Project Manager
  • A detailed quotation will be prepared to include a specification of the electrical or mechanical components specific to the project.
  • Strict Health and Safety standards and regulations will be observed during the install and any safety requirements specific to your site will be discussed and implemented.
  • The commissioning of the installation will include a full production test ensuring that the system meets the agreed availability criteria.
  • Once the commissioning phase is complete if required full training can be provided on both the  control system, robot automation and any manufacturer specific training.


At the completion of the project a full documentation pack will be provided which includes.

  • Complete set of schematics and layout drawings in pdf form.
  • The Functional Design Specification in pdf form.
  • Parts list in pdf form.
  • Manufacturers documentation.
  • Complete test schedule
  • Where relevant complete training documentation.
  • Archives of the Industrial Robot or/and PLC programs.
  • A detailed document for the robot automation, if necessary

Industrial automation systems – Ongoing Support

We will continue to provide customer and technical support after the commissioning period. We believe in a long-term relationship.

  • Most work stoppages can be resolved with an initial discussion over the phone between your technical staff and one of our engineers both time and cost effective.
  • Emergency Repairs – In the event of a more serious problem, it will be necessary to coordinate a priority visit to site by our engineer within the minimum time possible to get you back up and running as soon as possible.
  • We also offer a full robot maintenance program which not only includes the maintenance activities of the Industrial robot, but also includes the mechanical elements, control systems, safety systems and future modifications.
  • We can arrange for one of our engineers to visit site at pre-determined intervals throughout the year.

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