Control Panel Key Features

Control panel quality is a crucial element when you consider the overall cost when trying to obtain the lowest price for an industrial panel build. Some of the benefits gained from high-quality panels include production uptime, panels that work well without overheating problems and easy troubleshooting when components fail. Each industry requires it’s own specific industrial panel design to suit that particular business.

Types of Industrial Panel:

  1. Automotive control systems
  2. PLC/SCADA/ HMI control cabinets
  3. Wastewater treatment panels
  4. MCC (Motor Control Panel)
  5. Ventilation panels
  6. Test panels

Industrial Control Panel Manufacture in the UK

There are many types of control systems for all kinds of industry such as the Pharmaceutical industry, Automotive, Packaging & Machinery, Petrol Pump, Heating Systems, Nuclear power stations, and more. 

Top three most common cabinets

  1. Motor Control Centers panels (MCC), these panels are extensively used in the chemical industries, pharmaceuticals and in other sectors that used motor control.  For example, in the panel of conveyor systems.
  2. The demand for ATEX Control Panels has increased the need for many process industries, mainly petrochemical, pharmaceutical and oil & gas. They are potentially explosive such as chemical or areas at risks of explosion and fire and oil and gas extraction industries.
  3. Pneumatic control cabinets allow simple control of all the cylinders and pneumatic actuators which include a specific pneumatic installation such as compressed air or other fluids.

We tested all our panel products and equipment in our facilities where have the technology designed specifically for the product. Phoenix manufacturer custom-built panels based in company requirements. Learn more about cabinet components.

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