Automated Robots Projects

Phoenix is a robot integration company and we currently carry out around robotic integration projects around the world per year ranging from single robot installations in small SMEs to multi-robot projects in the automotive industry.

Automated Robots Advanced Technologies

Automated Robots make work safer and less physically demanding jobs.  Therefore, robots already carry out a variety of dangerous tasks while helping companies to keep competitive.

Productivity increases and competitive advantage will increasingly depend on a company’s ability to design and implement processes in which humans and robots work together.  In fact, new developments in collaborative robots will reduce chronic health tasks such as heavy lifting.

Scope of Robot Applications

Also, rapid advances in robot software programming technologies incorporated with motion and new vision technologies are rapidly expanding the scope of robot applications. In addition, these software developments are combined with improvements in hardware such as grippers and sensors by enabling automated robots to work alongside humans rather than in a robot cell.

Contact us for your next robot automation project from welding robots systems, milling robots, palletising robots, material handling robots, cutting robots to complete assembly line robots.

Over 1.8 million automated robots were in operation globally at the end of 2016 and the IFR expects this figure to grow to over 3 million by the end of 2020, representing an average annual growth rate of 14% between 2017 and 2020 (IFR 2017)

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